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Curious about steampunk watches – find out more

Curious about Steampunk watches? This article will tell you what the steampunk style is, its origins, how it came to be what it is today and where else you will be able to find this intriguing style. Then we’ll discuss some of the most bizarre yet great steampunk watches out there.

engraved pockeg watch

Engraved watches – the do’s and don’ts

The situation is the following: Your father/husband/wife/friend (replace by any other relative that suits you) is celebrating his/her anniversary/retirement/wedding anniversary/career goal (replace by any event worth celebrating) and you’re thinking about offering him/her a watch. Since you want it to be special, you’re also thinking about engraving a message. This article should bring some light[…]


Diamond watches for men – Five things to know before buying one

    When someone says “Diamond Watch” we immediately think about women’s watches. Diamonds are usually worn by women, on rings, ear rings or other pieces of jewellery. Speak with a watch purist and he’ll tell you why he often dislikes diamond watches: too bling-bling, unnecessary aesthetics, overpriced, and sometimes just a cover for cheaply[…]

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Considering big face watches? Read this first

Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that everyone has it’s own style, and the most important is that each person feels good with and about her or himself. In the light of this thought, please consider that parts of this article are representative of my opinion, and personal taste. So if you disagree with what[…]